Zoo Techniques


Zoo-techniques, founded in 1972, specialized in poultry vaccination and debeaking technologies, was the first company to launch automated poultry vaccination machines enabling hatchery productivity improvement.

  • 1972, conception and first sale of ‘‘one day old chick’’ automated vaccination machine.

  • 1984, launch of the first simultaneous vaccination and debeaking robot.

  • 1992, introduction of ‘‘one to ten days old’’ chick debeaking system.

  • 1995, development and introduction of ‘‘one day old’’ turkey AG 3000.

  • 2008, launch of Zootec, a new pneumatic machine allowing simultaneous injection of two vaccines.

Since 36 years, Zoo-techniques offers globally to hatchery and poultry industries robust, high quality and innovative machines through their direct or indirect channels. Zoo-techniques works with most of the international, local poultry and vaccine companies in more than 77 countries.

Our factory is located in Bazainville, at 40 minutes of the south west of Paris.

Mission and values

Our mission is to manufacture advanced automated vaccination and debeaking machines for hatcheries and our vaccine partners.

Our key values :

  • Providing robust, reliable and high quality automated vaccination and debeaking machines for optimising hatcheries productivity by delivering accurately vaccines.

  • Developing innovative solutions for improving end user ergonomics and simplifying cleaning and sterilisation procedures.

  • Offering preventive and curative maintenance services for maximising return on investment and increasing uptime.


Our vaccination and debeaking technologies are patented. Each machine undergoes an internal quality control check before shipment.

The main features of our automated vaccination systems are :

  • Accurate, robust and reliable delivering at injection point,

  • Easiness of cleaning and sterilisation,

  • "Hand held" and end user ergonomics,

  • Ability of double injection (NEW FEATURE, available on ZOOTEC ),

  • Flexibility of use for different volume and range (intramuscular or sub cutaneous) of injections and vaccines (aqueous or oil based).

The main features of our debeaking systems are :

  • Quickness and quality of debeaking and cauterisation.

  • Flexibility of adjusting beak cut length with no bleeding and less mortality.


Our automated vaccinators allow injection of the following products :

  • Aqueous vaccines such as Marek,

  • Oil based Vaccines,

  • Vitamins,

  • Antibiotics.

Our vaccinations machines are well adapted for ‘‘one day to ten days old’’ chick, turkey or duck.

Our debeaking machines are well adapted for one day to ten days old chick (AG2000) for one day old turkey (AG3000). AG4500 robot is design for automated vaccination and debeaking of one day old chick.