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Double injections

Zootech Double injections
Zootech Double injectionsZootech Double injectionsZootech Double injections

In early 2008, Zoo techniques launched on the market a new pneumatic vaccination machine, the ZOOTEC, with innovative end user ergonomics.

Main features :

  • NEW FEATURE : ability to inject simultaneously two vaccines,
  • equipped with adding and pre-selector counters,
  • Ability to deliver de 0.1 ml to 0.5 ml (other volume please contact us),
  • can be used for all live(Marek) or inactived (ND) vaccines,
  • guaranteed quality and accurate delivering at injection point,
  • easiness of cleaning and maintenance procedures,
  • noiseless, "hand held" design.

Customer benefits :

  • Easiness of maintenance operations and check up,
  • better end user ergonomics,
  • simplified design enabling use of less consumables.

Technical specifications :

  • Average rate of 2,500 birds per hour,
  • Dimensions : length 475 mm, width 182 mm, height 220 mm,
  • Net weight : 11.5 kg,
  • Compressed air supply of 1 m3 per hour.